• Send text messages without a Cell phone
  • From any internet connected computer in the World!
  • No More International charges
  • Send to Individuals or Groups, even CC their email
  • Keep you recipient list online for easy reference
  • Recipients can reply to your messages
  • Messages can be archived for your future reference

Sending Text Messages from your desktop has many benefits over calling.

Phone calls are usually more costly than text messages and certainly more disturbing. Texting allows the recipient to get information without having to write things down, or interrupt a call in progress; it is a great way to eliminate time wasting call backs

Text messaging can get through even when voice can't. Many people travelling will go in and out of coverage areas; text messaging can easily be received when passing through even marginally covered areas. Think how frustrating it is calling a cell phone and being unable to get through, having the recipient try to call you back and getting cut off!

Texting leaves all the important info with the recipient Phone Number, Names, Address and description, plus you have an archive of everything you sent (much better than voice calls)

Not all cell phone users have email or if they do, it's just for receiving messages and when mobile it is far more costly than texting.

Texting is used by many companies like the old pagers were, with an escalated attention to action over phone calls or email. This makes this service ideal for service dispatch and sales dispatch.

International?? Wow can you save money! If you are travelling you can go to any internet connected computer and have your recipient list available and Send Texts at No Cost!

Many carriers charge only for outgoing text messages and give free incoming. Using this service you can virtually get FREE text messaging with your carrier!

The applications and the savings are endless!!

Sendtext allows you to communicate faster, less costly and reduces time for both sender and recipients, want to find out more?.............................

Let us put our years of expertise, our access to the best networks, and our staff of trained professionals to work for you!

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